Buddha Barrier
Introducing the New

Buddha Logo

from Melba Swintex.

A uniquely designed, completely anti-trip Water Filled Separator.
– 800 mm in height 
– reflective on both sides
– only 5 kg when empty
– over 27 kg when filled to the indicated line
– designed to make more working space for the contractor
– easy stack, easy fill, easy empty

Water Fill Area
The Buddha Barrier is easily filled with water at the top, it can then easily be emptied by laying the barrier flat.

Buddha Angle
The Buddha Barrier is the only Water Filled Separator that can rotate over 270° whilst remaining connected to the other barrier.

The Buddha Barrier can be positioned face to face, creating a closed and secure area.

Water Over Flow
A maximum level line is indicated on the back of the barrier, and with an overfill hole for visual indication.

Buddha Top Fence
The Buddha Barrier has the capability to take a top metal fence panel. This adds an extra level of security.

Buddha Stacked

The unique shape of the Buddha allows easy and safe stacking  that results in less room being occupied during transport and storage when back at the contractor’s yard.

Buddha Barrier Linked

Further Information

The above is just a quick insight to the many features & benefits that the Buddha has to offer. For the full low down, head to the Buddha web page to discover more, as well as a fully interactive 3D model providing detailed views and more.

Buddha Website

Thor Barrier

The Thor Barrier

God like strength combined with Lightning fast production.
The NEW Thor Barrier is a highly robust and protective Barrier that can be deployed to guide vehicles and pedestrians on to the correct path when required. Over engineered to produce great strength, you’d need the HULK to knock it over when used with the 28 kg Footplate.

So why call it the Thor Barrier?
Thor Barrier

Norse God ThorThor Barrier

Norse God ThorThor Barrier

Norse God ThorThor Barrier

Norse God ThorThor Barrier

Find out more about the Thor Barrier by heading over to its very own Product Page where you can access all of the required information:

the Thor Barrier Web Page

End Of Year Review

In Case You Missed it…

Here’s a run down of the end of year at Melba Swintex

With fantastic new products, stunning lead times and standard items constantly replenished and kept in stock, it’s no wonder we are so busy. We therefore should look back on the year so far to see where the time has gone.

Tuff-AT Foot

Utility Barrier

Kitemark on Cones

Darcy Litter Bin

BT Openreach Approval

Buzz Barrier Release
The Year So Far...

In Case You Missed it…
Here’s a run down of the year so far at Melba Swintex

With fantastic new products, stunning lead times and standard items constantly replenished and kept in stock, it’s no wonder we are so busy. We therefore should look back on the year so far to see where the time has gone.

Tuff Trench

Tuff Foot

The Postman

Intertraffic Amsterdam

Tuff-AT Foot

the WonderWall

Utility Barrier

Batman has his Utility Belt,
Melba Swintex has the Utility Barrier!

Introducing the new Utility Barrier from Melba Swintex. Completely manufactured within the UK, this barrier offers ultimate protection with incredible lead times, corporate branding, and a vast selection of colours to choose from.

Utility Barrier

Utility Barrier

Utility Barrier

Other Benefits and Features of the Utility Barrier include, but is not limited to:
  • Manufactured in the Melba Swintex factory, in the UK.
  • Incredibly stable thanks to the D-Hinge™ & D-Clip™.
  • Facilty for a 600 x 450 courtesy sign.
  • Corporate branding can be embossed on Front & Back.
  • Can be coloured to suit corporate image.
  • Compatible with existing barriers on the market.
  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable material.
  • Higher reflective area to meet various legislations.
  • Deep channels to prevent collection of rainwater.
  • Incredibly durable & lightweight.
  • Product stacks with itself in every orientation.
  • 750mm or 1Mtr Versions available.
  • Reflective material can be added to the bottom panel.
  • Indoor & Outdoor use.
  • Can be supplied in panels of 3 or 4.
Utility Barriers

Find out more about the Utility Barrier  by heading over to its very own Product Page where you can access all of the required information.

the Utility Barrier Web Page.

Tuff-AT Header

Happy Feet meets the Fantastic 4  –
Episode 4: Keep Your Barriers Happy!

Introducing the New Tuff-AT Foot.

In the world of Barrier feet, the Terrifying Trio have dominated the market, but now, they have a new member – Welcome to The Fantastic Four.

Tuff-AT Foot

Standard Foot

Anti-Trip Foot

Tuff Foot

Each Foot Does the Following:

  • Foot can be coloured to suit. This can compliment Brand Image.
  • Manufactured from recycled material and can be completely recycled again.
  • Allows barriers to stack by turning inwards, excellent for transport.
  • Each foot can swivel 360° for those awkward environments.

Review Each Foot in High Detail Using the Link Below:
the  Barrier Feet Page.

Goldilocks & the three Barrier Feet

One day Goldilocks was digging up the pathway outside the cottage of the Three Bears. She had only three Melba Swintex barriers which were all, unfortunately, missing their feet. Being unable to start her work without these, she knocked on the door of the Three Bears. There was no reply but the door was wide open…..

Little Bears Feet.

On the Kitchen table, as luck would have it, were three pairs of Barrier Feet! First she tried out Little Bears feet, which just so happened to be the Standard Foot in the Melba Swintex range, which were by far the most popular (Little Bear being led by fashion). They did the job, but Goldilocks just wasn’t satisfied.

Next was Momma Bears.

Goldilocks picked up the next pair, which were the brilliant Anti-Trip Barrier Feet. Momma Bear is of course always looking after and caring for people, so she would want a foot that prevented people from tripping and hurting themselves (and probably filing a legal suit.) Goldilocks was very impressed with the foot, but it just still didn’t feel right.

Finally, Daddy Bears.

The Tuff Foot was a huge monster at 5Kgs each in weight. Goldilocks immediately thought that at twice the size, twice the weight, and twice the stability, it would give her barrier the much greater wind resistance she was looking for. Goldilocks was a very clever girl! Imagine these used with a Road Rock she exclaimed, that Big Bad Wolf can huff and puff all he wants!!!
Just then, the Three Bears returned to their cottage after a day in the woods, Goldilocks panicked. Fortunately, the Three Bears just wanted their little pathway to be repaired, and were all more than happy to let Goldilocks use the Tuff Foot on her barriers, allowing her to complete the repairs. The Tuff Foot can be used on the Tuff, Vision and Olympic Barriers.

The End.
Feel free to drop us a line for more details on the popular Tuff Foot, or head on over to the dedicated web page which features a unique 3D visualiser, which allows you to view the product in detail, all at the click of a button:

Click Here to Experience 3D.

With new amazing lead times & best sellers (Road Cones and Traffic Barriers) all in stock, it looks like we are steps ahead of the competition. But as we at Melba Swintex look forward to our best ever year, first lets have a recap of 2015:


January was the month we launched the Tuff Trench and it has really taken off, both here in the UK and overseas.

 Tuff Trench


It’s taken a while but after the success of our Blow Moulded Traffic Barriers, it made sense to delve into the Crowd Control market. Thus the launch of the Boss Barrier. Although slow to start, it is now taking us into markets we have never been in before.

 Boss Barrier


We introduced a new price list which saw a removal of screen charges on signs.

 Screen Charges


Melba Swintex exhibited at Traffex and gained huge interest in our new range of products



Yet another new product: this time we launched the Kerb Buddy, our new Blow Moulded Wheelchair Ramp.

 Kerb Buddy


This time it’s the Flexi 500 Cone, the MPL 50 but in super flexible material. Squash it, squeeze it, squish it, it still pops back into its original shape.

 Flexi 500


In July we launched the Tuff Barrier – a new type of traffic barrier. Incorporating the Q-Clip, the barriers connect together in a linear row, When combined with the Cross-Trench support, the barriers become highly wind resistant. Compatible with the Master Barrier.

 Tuff Barrier


In August we introduced our All Yellow Ramp. The original 5cm Melba Ramp, but with the same super flexible material used for the Flexi 500. It’s yellow all the way through.

 Flexi Ramp


As the leaves started turning brown we introduced the Flexi Cylinder. Available in 460, 750 and 1000mm, a one piece Cylinder capable of returning upright after impact. Knock it, kneecap it, knobble it, it bounces back upright.

 Flexi Cylinder


The Road Rock! One of the most versatile products we have ever launched. Weigh down your barriers, put cylinders in them, make a wall out of them, the Swiss Army Knife of Traffic Management.

 Road Rock


The final product launch of the year was the Ariane Twist-lock. Bigger than our standard Cylinder, it twists into our standard Cats-Eye base.

 Ariane Twist-Lock


Thanks to all our customers for making December the busiest one we have ever had.

Business Growth Hub Logo

Melba Swintex has partnered up with the Business Growth Hub to make improvements within the business on entering new markets, improve our commitment to the environment, and to prioritise upcoming new products.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”http://www.businessgrowthhub.com/case-studies/growth-service/melba-swintex” color=”” class=”quote” size=”16″]

The challenge:

The business was looking to break into international markets with a new export strategy as it was proving increasingly difficult to drive domestic sales. It also had a raft of new product ideas but the management team was unsure how to prioritise them and successfully take them to market. They also wanted to explore the feasibility of expanding their existing site, or possibly move to new local premises.[/pullquote]


Read the full Case Study published by Business Growth Hub Here.

If your road looked like this, this morning… it’s time for the Road Rock – our new traffic barrier weight.

traffic barrier weight

The Road Rock is primarily designed to be a traffic barrier weight which is a ballast for our range of traffic barriers and fits the Gate, Master, Vision, Olympic and Tuff Barriers. Using two Road Rocks per barrier, or one when the barriers are in a boxed formation will make the barrier pass Class B Wind Speed Legislation (this is now mandatory in Scotland where barriers are left unattended for over 24 hours). However the Road Rock has a few surprises up its sleeve…

Huge Stability in Strong Winds

At 7.5kgs each the Road Rock can help protect you against barriers being uprooted by the winds. This can prevent damage to property and persons and potential litigation.

Traffic Barrier Weight

Wind Speed.

A minimum of 30Kg is needed for a barrier to withstand Class B Wind Speeds (17.6 m/s). At 15Kgs each, the Road Rock provides the precise weight needed, every time, to withstand these wind speeds.


  • 15Kgs in Weight
  • Corporate ID can be embossed.
  • Interlocking for continuous runs.
  • Can be coloured to suit.
  • Fits all Melba Swintex Barriers.
  • Barriers pass Class B.
  • No sandbags required for Class B & C
  • Angular movement on interlocking
  • Can house a Traffic Cylinder.
  • Can double-up as a Delineator.
  • Handle for easy lifting.
  • Manufactured from 100% Recycled Material.
  • Completely recyclable.
  • Product can stack.

The Road Rock has a couple of other features as well.

The Road Rock has a nose to tail link similar to that seen on the Road Runner, this makes it possible to create a continuous run and implement the base as a delineator. A cavity within the centre of the Road Rock permits a twist-to-lock cylinder to be attached.

The Road Rock also has the ability to be embossed with a corporate logo, the design enables the base to stack, and at 15Kg in weight, the Road Rock is manufactured from 100% recycled PVC, which is also 100% recyclable.