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Road Runner

The Road Runner is a self-weighted Delineator which does not require filling of sand or water. Wheels allow for easy manoeuvring, and a tail that allows for a quick connection.


Weighs 22.5kg, water or sand are not required.
Pin on tail interlocks with underside of adjoining separator to create lanes.
Wheels for easy movement.
Robust - able to withstand high impacts
Superb wind resistance.
Fork lift slots on the bottom.
25 per pallet.
Top manufactured from Virgin HDPE.
Base manufactured from recycled PVC.
By weight 92% recycled material.
Available in Red and White.

Spec Sheet:



Wind Resistance

All temporary traffic barriers must be able to withstand three different classes of wind speeds with the use of a ballast. The standard BS 8442:2015 states the three classes as the following:

Class A: 26.3 m/s (58mph)
Class B: 17.6 m/s (39mph)
Class C: 8.7m/s (19mph)

The Road Runner system was tested under strict conditions at the Full Scale Wind Tunnel at Mira to determine at which wind speeds the barrier can withstand. Below are the results and guides as to the recommended ballast weight for each Wind Class:

Class C
Withstood up to 36mph.
Recommended Ballast Weight: 0kg
Class B
Withstood up to 49mph.
Recommended Ballast Weight: 10kg
Class A
Withstood up to 68mph.
Recommended Ballast Weight: 50kg
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