Utility Barrier

The D-Hook & Utility Barrier

the Barrier to be seen with

This new socialite on the scene has wowed the public with her style and grace, and now she comes with a few useful accessories such as the D-Hook.

D-Hook Locations

D-Hook in Use

D-Hook with Lunchbox


European Utility Barrier

Yellow Utility Barrier

Find out more about the Utility Barrier by heading over to its very own Product Page where you can access all of the required information.

the Utility Barrier Web Page

Tuff-AT Header

Happy Feet meets the Fantastic 4  –
Episode 4: Keep Your Barriers Happy!

Introducing the New Tuff-AT Foot.

In the world of Barrier feet, the Terrifying Trio have dominated the market, but now, they have a new member – Welcome to The Fantastic Four.

Tuff-AT Foot

Standard Foot

Anti-Trip Foot

Tuff Foot

Each Foot Does the Following:

  • Foot can be coloured to suit. This can compliment Brand Image.
  • Manufactured from recycled material and can be completely recycled again.
  • Allows barriers to stack by turning inwards, excellent for transport.
  • Each foot can swivel 360° for those awkward environments.

Review Each Foot in High Detail Using the Link Below:
the  Barrier Feet Page.