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The Road Rock has been designed to secure down Melba Swintex pedestrian Barriers when in windy conditions. A slot at the top of the product fits the range of Blow Moulded barriers available from Melba Swintex. The force fit secures the Barrier down preventing any sliding or failing.
The Road Rock has the facility to fit a Melba Swintex traffic Cylinder. Incorporating the twist-to-lock mechanism regularly seen with the Cats Eye Base, it is possible to attach an existing Melba Swintex Cylinder to the Road Rock. All three sizes (50cm, 75cm, and 1Mtr) can be attached.
There are two locations on the Road Rock where it is possible to emboss a corporate logo. This allows Utility companies to identify their own products, and adds to the brand identity of the contractor in use.
The Road Rock is capable of stacking which therefore allows for easier transportation. This stacking feature also makes it possible to make a small temporary wall if required.
Ergonomics have come into play within the design stage of the Road Rock. At 15Kgs each, the product is a single-man lift, and to improve comfort, a handle has been included at the front of the base allowing easy lifting.
The Road Rock is manufactured from PVC which is 100% recycled material, and is also completely recyclable.
The original concept for the Road Rock was all down to wind. Tests had shown that a minimum of 30Kg was needed for a barrier to withstand Class B Wind Speeds (17.6 m/s). 'Safety at Street Works and Road Works - ACOP 2015' states that all barriers in Scotland that are unattended for a period of 24 hours or more, need to be capable of withstanding winds of Class B. At 15Kgs each, the Road Rock is the first ever product which provides the precise weight needed, every time, to withstand these wind speeds.
Sharing similarities with the Melba Swintex Road Runner, the Road Rock has a strengthened tail that allows a run of Road Rock bases to be connected together. A curved front and back face allow angular movement, which make it possible to flow around corners and bends.
Road Rock

The Road Rock is a multifunctional base and the first product of its kind that will allow a temporary pedestrian barrier to pass Class B Wind Speeds (17.6m/s) by providing the precise weight needed each time, using two Road Rocks. When the barriers are in a boxed formation, only a single Road Rock is needed per barrier to pass Class B. Use of the Road Rock removes the need for sandbag filled ballasts, therefore resulting in a cleaner area of works.

The Road Rock has a hook and tail connection similar to that seen on the Road Runner, this makes it possible to create a continuous run and implement the base as a delineator. A cavity within the centre of the Road Rock allows a twist-to-lock cylinder to be attached.

The Road Rock has the ability to be embossed with a corporate logo, the design enables the base to stack, and at 15kg in weight, the Road Rock is manufactured from 100% recycled PVC, which is also 100% recyclable.


15kgs in Weight
Corporate ID can be embossed.
Interlocking for continuous runs.
Can be coloured to suit.
Fits all Melba Swintex Barriers.
Barriers pass Class B.
No sandbags required for Class B & C.
Angular movement on interlocking.
Can house a Traffic Cylinder.
Can double-up as a Delineator.
Handle for easy lifting.
Manufactured from 100% Recycled Material.
Completely recyclable.
Product can stack.


Chapter 8 - The Traffic Signs Manual
Safety at Street Works & Road Works
   – A Code of Practice.

Spec Sheet:

Class B & C Wind Speed

No Ballast Required.