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Ariane Twist-Lock

Derived from the Ariane XXI, this new version implements the twist-lock mechanism that can be seen on the existing Cylinder range which allows the Cylinder to be locked into the Melba Swintex Cats-Eye Base. Handles have been implemented to allow greater grip for when attaching the Cylinder to its base.

The Ariane Twist-Lock is available in a vast range of colours* which make it possible to reflect your brand image. As well as this, it is now also possible to emboss Company Identification onto the centre of the Cylinder. Further improving your brand identity.


Available in a variety of colours.
Lightweight and durable.
Easy to install.
Base fixes to ground.
Handle grips for easy twist to lock manoeuvre.
Corporate identification can be embossed.

Adhesive Pads:

Thickness: 2mm
Diameter: 260mm
Max Temperature: 30°C
Min Temperature: 5°C


Chapter 8 - The Traffic Signs Manual
Safety at Street Works & Road Works
   – A Code of Practice.
Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions
UNE 135363

Spec Sheet: