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Need to Catch Up?
Yet another year has flown by, and in what has felt like such a short space of time, Melba Swintex has pushed out innovative new products, increased ever demanding lead times, and pushed the boundaries in the plastic manufacturing world. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step back and review the work of the past 6 months, so here it is.

Buddha Barrier


After a long time in development, the Buddha was first put into production in September. Continuing to receive critical acclaim, the Buddha barrier is the first completely anti-trip Water Filled Separator, which provides up to a weight of 27 kg when filled.

DoubleTop Barrier


With both the WonderWall™ and Buddha systems having the capability for a top-tier barrier system, it only made sense to design and produce a barrier to suit this. October saw the answer to this with the DoubleTop. A blow moulded, lightweight barrier that is compatible with both the WonderWall™ & Buddha, as well as other existing systems.

Thor Barrier


Ever increasing growth within the exports market identified the opportunity to release the highly robust Thor Barrier in July. Over engineered to produce great strength and stability, the Thor is hitting the roads globally, and is already well established within the Traffic Management world.

Factory Extension

August saw the completion of the large extension to the right-hand side of the factory. This extension has deemed pivotal within the production of Melba Swintex products, providing the space for yet another brand-new Blow Moulding machine, and our 8th intrusion moulding machine.

Fence Base MKII

Fence Base & Thor

Due to the ever-growing global success of the Thor Barrier, an abundance of requests and questions flowed in to see if the Fence Base MKII was compatible. This need from our customers was acted upon without hesitancy, and the Fence Base MKII is now compatible with the Thor Barrier.

Another Machine

Production in the factory runs 24 hours a day all year round and still we are ever expanding to keep up with demand for our high-in-quality products. December saw the completion of our 8th intrusion moulding machine, providing up to 16 more stations to increase our production rate.

WonderWall & Buddha

End Of Year Review

In Case You Missed it…

Here’s a run down of the end of year at Melba Swintex

With fantastic new products, stunning lead times and standard items constantly replenished and kept in stock, it’s no wonder we are so busy. We therefore should look back on the year so far to see where the time has gone.

Tuff-AT Foot

Utility Barrier

Kitemark on Cones

Darcy Litter Bin

BT Openreach Approval

Buzz Barrier Release
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Crowd Control Barriers – The Next Generation

Metal Crowd Control Barriers have been around for years. They result in being difficult to stack, they require specialist tools to repair their feet, they can be expensive to powder coat which is easily damaged, and any company branding can be difficult.

There are many problems, but we have a solution:

Crowd Control
Crowd Control Barrier

What is the Boss?

The Boss Barrier is the first blow moulded plastic Crowd Control Barrier of its type, can be used as a delineator as well for public safety in Airports, Shopping Centres, or any other non-highway applications.

A Barrier that is stackable, 100% recyclable, can be embossed or colour coded for corporate identity, and many more features, which allow this Barrier to stand above the rest.

Corporate Branding & Identification

The Boss Barrier can be colour coded, and/or embossed, to suit your corporate identity, and we can match Pantone references. This makes it far harder for barriers to be stolen or misappropriated.

Some features include:

  • Free standing with 360° swivel feet.
  • Barrier can be colour coded.
  • Free from screws and rivets.
  • Feet can be coloured to suit.

Barrier to barrier connection is quick & easy for use on uneven ground.

Coloured Boss Barrier
Crowd Control corporate colours

Designed with Incredible Strength

Click here to see a video on how our Boss Barrier compares to metal barriers.
The Cross-Brace support can also be used to enhance support on the Boss Barrier.
Other features include:

  • Information sign can be attached.
  • Company identification can be embossed.
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Reduced theft.
  • Manufactured from virgin HDPE.

Enhanced product support using Retro-Fit braces.

Find out more about our Crowd Control Barrier by heading over to its very own Product Page where you can access all of the required information. This includes an interactive 3D experience.

the Crowd Control Barrier Web Page.

Melba Swintex have a wealth of experience in design and manufacture, and work alongside our customers to provide customised products for industry.



With new amazing lead times & best sellers (Road Cones and Traffic Barriers) all in stock, it looks like we are steps ahead of the competition. But as we at Melba Swintex look forward to our best ever year, first lets have a recap of 2015:


January was the month we launched the Tuff Trench and it has really taken off, both here in the UK and overseas.

 Tuff Trench


It’s taken a while but after the success of our Blow Moulded Traffic Barriers, it made sense to delve into the Crowd Control market. Thus the launch of the Boss Barrier. Although slow to start, it is now taking us into markets we have never been in before.

 Boss Barrier


We introduced a new price list which saw a removal of screen charges on signs.

 Screen Charges


Melba Swintex exhibited at Traffex and gained huge interest in our new range of products



Yet another new product: this time we launched the Kerb Buddy, our new Blow Moulded Wheelchair Ramp.

 Kerb Buddy


This time it’s the Flexi 500 Cone, the MPL 50 but in super flexible material. Squash it, squeeze it, squish it, it still pops back into its original shape.

 Flexi 500


In July we launched the Tuff Barrier – a new type of traffic barrier. Incorporating the Q-Clip, the barriers connect together in a linear row, When combined with the Cross-Trench support, the barriers become highly wind resistant. Compatible with the Master Barrier.

 Tuff Barrier


In August we introduced our All Yellow Ramp. The original 5cm Melba Ramp, but with the same super flexible material used for the Flexi 500. It’s yellow all the way through.

 Flexi Ramp


As the leaves started turning brown we introduced the Flexi Cylinder. Available in 460, 750 and 1000mm, a one piece Cylinder capable of returning upright after impact. Knock it, kneecap it, knobble it, it bounces back upright.

 Flexi Cylinder


The Road Rock! One of the most versatile products we have ever launched. Weigh down your barriers, put cylinders in them, make a wall out of them, the Swiss Army Knife of Traffic Management.

 Road Rock


The final product launch of the year was the Ariane Twist-lock. Bigger than our standard Cylinder, it twists into our standard Cats-Eye base.

 Ariane Twist-Lock


Thanks to all our customers for making December the busiest one we have ever had.

Traffic Barriers – a weighty issue.

The Road Rock is primarily designed to be the ballast for our range of Traffic Barriers and fits the Gate, Master, Vision, Olympic and Tuff Barriers. Using two
Road Rocks per traffic barrier, or one when the barriers are in a boxed formation will make the barrier pass Class B Wind Speed Legislation (this is now mandatory in Scotland where barriers are left unattended for over 24 hours).
However the Road Rock has a few surprises up its sleeve…
Traffic Barriers

The Road Rock links to itself using a hook and tail connection similar to that seen on the Road Runner , this makes it possible to create a continuous run of the heavy duty linear traffic barriers.
traffic barrier weight

Cylinder Housing.

The Road Rock also takes the Cylinder and Ariane and will twist lock into the top making a highly visible linear traffic barriers.
traffic cylinder


traffic barrier ballast

  • 15Kgs in Weight
  • Corporate ID can be embossed.
  • Interlocking for continuous runs.
  • Can be coloured to suit.
  • Fits all Melba Swintex Traffic Barriers.
  • Barriers pass Class B.
  • No sandbags required for Class B & C.

traffic barrier weights

  • Angular movement on interlocking.
  • Can house a Traffic Cylinder.
  • Can double-up as a Delineator.
  • Handle for easy lifting.
  • Manufactured from 100% Recycled Material.
  • Completely recyclable.
  • Product can stack.

Wind Speeds.

The original concept for the Road Rock was all down to wind. Tests had shown that a minimum of 30Kg was needed for a barrier to withstand Class B Wind Speeds (17.6 m/s). ‘Safety at Street Works and Road Works – ACOP 2015’ states that all traffic barriers in Scotland that are unattended for a period of 24 hours or more, need to be capable of withstanding winds of Class B. At 15Kgs each, the Road Rock is the first ever product which provides the precise weight needed, every time, to withstand these wind speeds