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Tuff-AT Foot

The Tuff-AT Foot is a modified version of the Anti-Trip Barrier Foot. The Foot is designed to prevent stumbles and falls around utility work areas. Unlike standard feet, the foot does not protrude into walkways, or where there is public access. Twice the size of the Anti-Trip Foot, stability is improved greatly, which results in a much higher wind resistance.


Improved strength.
Added weight for improved stability.
Larger footprint.
Foot can be coloured to suit.
Manufactured from recycled material.
Completely recyclable.
Can be embossed with corporate branding.
Prevents a trip hazard on pathways.erial.
Completely recyclable.


Conforms to requirements of BSEN13422
Chapter 8 - The Traffic Signs Manual
Safety at Street Works & Road Works
   – A Code of Practice.


Vision Barrier
Tuff Barrier

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