Need to Catch Up?

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Need to Catch Up?
Yet another year has flown by, and in what has felt like such a short space of time, Melba Swintex has pushed out innovative new products, increased ever demanding lead times, and pushed the boundaries in the plastic manufacturing world. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to step back and review the work of the past 6 months, so here it is.

Buddha Barrier


After a long time in development, the Buddha was first put into production in September. Continuing to receive critical acclaim, the Buddha barrier is the first completely anti-trip Water Filled Separator, which provides up to a weight of 27 kg when filled.

DoubleTop Barrier


With both the WonderWall™ and Buddha systems having the capability for a top-tier barrier system, it only made sense to design and produce a barrier to suit this. October saw the answer to this with the DoubleTop. A blow moulded, lightweight barrier that is compatible with both the WonderWall™ & Buddha, as well as other existing systems.

Thor Barrier


Ever increasing growth within the exports market identified the opportunity to release the highly robust Thor Barrier in July. Over engineered to produce great strength and stability, the Thor is hitting the roads globally, and is already well established within the Traffic Management world.

Factory Extension

August saw the completion of the large extension to the right-hand side of the factory. This extension has deemed pivotal within the production of Melba Swintex products, providing the space for yet another brand-new Blow Moulding machine, and our 8th intrusion moulding machine.

Fence Base MKII

Fence Base & Thor

Due to the ever-growing global success of the Thor Barrier, an abundance of requests and questions flowed in to see if the Fence Base MKII was compatible. This need from our customers was acted upon without hesitancy, and the Fence Base MKII is now compatible with the Thor Barrier.

Another Machine

Production in the factory runs 24 hours a day all year round and still we are ever expanding to keep up with demand for our high-in-quality products. December saw the completion of our 8th intrusion moulding machine, providing up to 16 more stations to increase our production rate.

WonderWall & Buddha